‘The Community’ was started in January 2006 based on what we believe God is doing with young people at this time and a need we saw among our students. Our aim is to facilitate a lifestyle of dedication to God by living in Christian community, while seeking to embody the life of Christ in every sphere of life by consciously reaching out to the world around us. We aim to provide a safe place where students will continue to be discipled and have their character developed within a Christian community. Students will also be able to learn how to live and make a difference outside of the Christian community. Students will be working full-time and/or studying in the field of their choice. We encourage those that are studying part time to participate in some part-time work, as working will provide good life experience for them.

We would like to emphasize that ‘the community’ is not aimed at simply providing accommodation but is aimed at making an impact on students lives. All students will be expected to follow the community rules and to participate in all essential activities, in order to be an asset to the greater community.

To watch a video detailing what ‘the community is all about, please visit our You-Tube Page