Community Rule of Life

A rule of life is a predetermined lifestyle that one agrees to live by in order to achieve a certain end. In our case: To become more like Jesus and to impact the world around us.


Spiritual: Seek God with all your Heart

  • Attendance of at least one church service at HCC per Sunday
  • Regular attendance at a cell group: 3-4 meetings a month
  • Practice of at least one spiritual discipline at least three times a week (e.g. Bible reading, prayer, silence etc,)
  • Attendance of flock group meetings once a week
  • Commit to live in humility & being open and accountable with my life
  • Live in purity, be open and repent quickly if I fall
  • Commit to go on 4 local outreaches in the year (Can be one day church organized outreach or longer)

Physical: Live healthy

  • Regular exercise (Self initiated and sustained)
  • Healthy eating habits

Financial: Live in integrity

  • Keep a monthly budget and remain financially accountable to another person
  • Remember the poor (do something regularly e.g. commit to Faith promise)
  • Fulfil all my financial commitments.


Relationships: Value them highly

  • Be part of my community and spend time developing relationships
  • Encourage each person in the community in their personal growth
  • Be considerate in all aspects of community living
  • Be open with regard to romantic relationships

House rules: Consider one another

  • Be at 4 evening meals a week
  • Adhere to the curfew of 12:00 and be quiet at 10:00
  • Ensure cleanliness and tidiness
  • Actively be part maintenance and cleaning of house
  • Remember the neighbours