The Correspondence school is a vital part of training the thousands of people who need to be mobilized in the Kingdom of God while they are still in their local situation. These options of study make it possible to study in your own home and at your own pace.

The Hatfield Training Centre offers courses and educational programs in co-operation with Global University of Springfield, Missouri, USA. The accrediting commission of the Distance Education and Training Council accredits Global University. DETC is listed by the United States Office of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency.

Locally, Global University is registered with SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) and is registered with the Department of Education (Reg No: 04HF01). Global University will be trading as Global School of Theology in South Africa.


To apply for correspondence study, please review our Application Policy.
Application forms can be found here. (Please note there are two application forms that need to be completed)


Examination papers consist largely of multiple-choice questions. The exams may be written during office hours at the Training Centre or, if you live far away, at your own location under the supervision of an exam supervisor whom you may choose. This person may not be a family member or a fellow Global University student. Preference should be given to your pastor or cell leader to fulfil this function.

It is important for students to maintain an average of 70% throughout the program, as that is the requirement for graduation.

Learning Materials

All subject material is structured in such a way that it is easy for correspondence students to study. Every subject has a credit allocation e.g. two or three credits. Once you complete a subject these credits count towards the required credits to graduate. Included in the tuition fee are a study guide, student packet and the exam fee. The study guide contains the content of the course in lesson format. The student packet contains self-test answers. Self-tests are short evaluation questions at the end of each lesson to help asses if you understood the material. The student packet also contains Unit Progress Evaluations (UPE’S – subject lessons are divided into units. Units consist of 3 to 4 lessons and after completing a unit you will write the UPE to test your knowledge about those lessons) and the project that counts 25% towards your final grade.

The UPE’s needs to be sent to the Training Centre for grading. These UPE’s if not hand delivered can be sent by post, fax or e-mail. They will then be returned to the student.

Projects need to be completed and handed in before students write the final exam.

Subjects, allocated three credits have additional textbooks, which are not included in the current tuition fee. The textbooks are available from the Impact Bookstore at the Hatfield Christian Church. It is important to ascertain whether Impact Bookstore has the textbook you require in stock, as they may need to order the book for you. This may take a few weeks and may, consequently, affect your exam date.

Students have six months in which to complete a subject and write the exam. Students study at their own pace and decide on the amount of subjects that they want to complete per year.

Re-enrolments Once a student has enrolled for a subject, he/she has six months to complete the subject. The student may ask for an extension, in writing, of three months and this needs to be submitted before the subject expires. If a subject has expired a re-enrolment fee will be charged.

Global University

Global University of the Assemblies of God has a distinguished heritage spanning more than five decades. Its rich history is a blending of the achievements of two distance education universities namely ICI University and Berean University. This dual foundation of experience adds academic strength to the new entity created by the merger of the two universities and as one entity committed to taking “All the Word to All the World.”

For more information you can visit their web site at:

Global University also offers a degree programme in Religious Education. A Second-degree programme is available for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree. A total of fifty credits are required for graduation at this level of study.