About Us

Ministry Training School employs a modular approach in preparing men and women for Christian ministry. Birthed out of the need for ministry training that prepares not only heads, but also hearts and lives, Ministry Training School adopts a holistic approach to ministry preparation. We believe that effective ministry is rooted, not only in theology, but also in a living, vibrant and exciting relationship with God.

Our full-time program makes more than 30 years of training expertise available to our students. Through a strong culture of personal discipleship and development students are equipped for service in those spheres of life to which the Lord has called them.

Ministry Training School is essentially a collection of wide ranging and dynamic courses that equip the leader to be more effective in every area of life. Our basic understanding is that all of life is lived as unto the Lord; whether serving or leading, public or private, or the so called sacred or secular. Each course includes academic subjects, but, by drawing on our ministry and training experience we add additional content related to the subject content. Often the additional material covers ‘the things they never taught you in Bible school!’

Training takes place in a multi-cultural environment. By learning from those with different perspectives from our own; diversity become a key for helping us understand God, His people His world and the times. At the core of our training philosophy are three foundational pillars:

• Personal Development

• Practical Ministry

• Academic Preparation

Personal discipleship and mentoring facilitate personal growth. Students are part of a small group; this creates an environment conducive to relational discipling. Small group leaders assist students with their personal spiritual growth. They also provide active career planning input, helping students develop in their callings. Finally the small group also provides security and creates a sense of belonging facilitating personal restoration and inner healing.