HTC folows a holistic and practical approach to ministry preparation. We offer ministry preparation that is

  • customisable
  • academically sound
  • personally enriching
  • measurably practical
  • flexible
  • accessible

We believe that effective ministry is rooted not only in theology, but also in a living and exciting relationship with God. At Hatfield Training Centre we have restructured our Ministry Training School (MTS) to ensure that we increase our effectiveness in preparing you for ministry.

This programme has successfully launched many men and women into the ministries God has called them to in various spheres of life.

The new three-year programme focuses on developing HEADS, HEARTS and HANDS.

HEADS – Academic Preparation

  • Fully accredited BA degrees from the Global School of Theology form the backbone of your academic preparation. A 96 credit BA in Bible and Theology can be completed in the three-year cycle.
  • Additional material we’ve been developing over 30 years is also included to ensure a well-balanced academic formation.
  • Academic classes are concentrated into two weeks per month in the fi rst year, and thereafter one week per month to allow you time to engage in practical ministry.
  • All topics in the curriculum shaded in green are part of academic preparation.

HEARTS – Personal Development

  • Your personal growth is facilitated through personal discipleship and mentoring.
  • You’ll be put in a small group which creates an environment conducive to relational discipling, resulting in personal restoration and inner-healing.
  • A structured discipleship programme ensures that essential topics are addressed and also provides active career planning, enabling you to develop in your calling.
  • All topics in the curriculum shaded in red are part of personal development.

HANDS – Practical Ministry Skills

  • Through involvement in the life of the Hatfield Christian Church you will be exposed to various forms of practical ministry. By its nature practical ministry requires involvement in life groups, community ministries and missions.
  • A defined practicum ensures that you are exposed to the reality of modern day ministry in a systematic way.
  • The practicums are structured to ensure that there is a realistic developmental path into ministry.
  • All topics in the curriculum shaded in blue are part of practical ministry skills.