Strengths Finder

Clifton StrengthsFinder @ Hatfield Training Centre

Part of The Hatfield Training Centre’s portfolio, entails the equipping of people for the work place and in their pursuit of academic careers. To facilitate this, HTC presents the Clifton StrengthsFinder talent assessment as it has proven to be a brilliant tool, in helping people discover their existing patterns of talent as it relates to their thinking, motivation and behavior. The results have also shown an increase in people’s confidence, motivation and team work skills within an organizational setting.

This assessment exclusively focuses on the strengths of an individual, helping them tap into their greatest areas of growth and creativity. Often within the work environment, many hours are wasted in an attempt to develop people into well rounded individuals; this can be a frustrating experience for managers and employees alike. StrengthsFinder is different, as it exclusively concentrates on the areas where people show the greatest potential for productivity, helping them to refine their strengths. Weaknesses are not ignored, but the greatest teams in the world are those who have learnt to be strong in areas where others are weak. These successful teams are well rounded, because they have learnt to access each individual’s unique strength and talent.

For more information contact Dawie Thomas: or view the Strengths Finder brochure