About Us

Hatfield Training Centre exists to produce leaders who can make a significant difference for the Kingdom of God in whatever life setting or situation they find themselves. Each person will be able to mobilize teams, churches, organizations to strategically impact communities on a variety of levels because they understand the times, are deeply rooted in the scriptures and are passionately and whole-heartedly devoted to the purposes and call of God.

Our training programmes make more than 30 years of expertise available to our students. Through a strong culture of personal discipleship and development, the Hatfield Training Centre has launched many women and men into those spheres of life to which the Lord has called them.

Through the years new courses have been added under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Ensuring that the call to ‘equip the saints’ is fulfilled in each generation. All training takes place in a multi-cultural environment. This creates a diversity that is a vital key to understanding God, His people and the world we live in. Learning from people with perspectives other than our own creates and environment of humility, justice and reconciliation.