Financial Policy

Hatfield Training Centre calculates fees annually. Please see our fee structure for further details.

Please take note of the payment options below and indicate on your application form, in the appropriate section, which option applies to you.

Payment options

  • Fees paid in full at the first registration of the year.
  • A 10 month debit order / credit card order (end January to end October)
  • Fees paid per term / module at registration, which takes place on the first day of each module / term.


A non-refundable deposit of 10% of the course fees is payable for YOYL enrolments. This deposit will be deducted from the course fees and serves to secure a student’s place on the program.


Partial sponsorships are available for those with severe financial constraints. Applicants must request sponsorship application forms to be forwarded to them. Closing dates for sponsorship applications are the same as closing dates for course applications.

No sponsorship will be allocated for a student’s first term of study.

Sponsorships will be reviewed on a quarterly basis based on each applicant’s personal growth and development, and where applicable academic progress. HTC reserves the right to withdraw sponsorship allocations.


Should the student leave within the first three weeks of the module / term 50% of the module / term’s fees will be refunded provided full payment has been made.

No refund will be made should a student leave after this three week period.

Outstanding Fees

No student will be allowed to enrol for another training module / term unless fees for the previous module / term are paid in full.

Interest will be charged on all amounts outstanding after the completion of the academic year. The interest will become effective from 1 January of the following year. Hatfield Training Centre reserves the right to pursue the appropriate course of action deemed necessary to retrieve outstanding fees. This may include involving debt collection agencies.


Debit orders are our preferred means of payment as this reduces our administration. Cash payments are accepted. All cheques should be made out to Hatfield Training Centre. Post-dated cheques will be accepted.

Direct Deposits: payment can also be made electronically or via the Internet. Please use the following banking details:
Proof of payment of direct deposits must be received before payment will be acknowledged for e.g. faxed copy of deposit slip. Click here for our contact details. Thank you for taking note of the above financial details. We will gladly offer our assistance as needed, and look forward to processing your enrolment with us.

Standard Bank Hatfield
Branch code: 01 15 45 15
Account number: 011 988 193
Swift number: SBZAZAJJ
Standard Bank Hatfield
Branch code: 01 15 45
Account number: 011 988 193