A Thought For Christmas

Christmas Hope

For some 2013 was a year of “the best of times and the worst of times”! It was year of staying close to the 12 Benedictine Rules of Humility:
* respect God
* love not my own will
* the wisdom of heaven is submissive
* be faithful
* be transparent
* be content in my job
* see myself correctly
* stay within my appropriate boundaries
* control my tongue
* avoid mindless frivolity
* speak plainly, and
* keep a humble posture!

And so the struggle for self leadership, and for integrity continues.
Much in our daily routines has changed, and it’s almost as if we will need to engage in new operating systems in 2014.

May there be a special grace on each one reading this to make the shifts – to keep hope alive in the midst of challenges – to allow small glimpses of beauty to revive the soul and lift our spirits.

May God be with you in the weeks leading up to Christmas as Emmanuel, God with us!

And so we press on in the Kingdom:
* being loved by God
* loving God as best we know how
* loving ourselves
* and loving those whom God loves!

Grace and peace to each of you, fellow travellers.

With love